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The Clinical Skin Clear (aka Lamprobe 4000), developed by Hubert Lam, is a unique radio frequency instrument for the effective treatment of a wide range of common minor skin irregularities without penetrating the skin’s surface.

Clinical Skin Clear treatments are exceptionally quick (in most cases done under 3 minutes), with instantaneous results. One treatment only is required.

Skin conditions effectively treated by the Clinical Skin Clear include:

The discomfort level experienced by the client is tolerable, with the sensation produced feeling much like a tight pinch to the skin. No anesthesia is required. Although numbing cream can be used.

Offer new set of service

Clinical Skin Clear (aka Lamprobe) services are generally offered by practitioners as a facultative, add-on service during standard skin care treatments or as a stand-alone service. As an add-on service, practitioners particularly appreciate that Clinical Skin Clear treatments are so rapid that they generally do not lengthen the duration of a client’s regular treatment session.

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With clients desiring, valuing, and appreciating CSC services, CSC treatments are normally priced between $30-$150, per irregularity.

How Clinical Skin Clear can benefit your business

  • Immediate results with one treatment required only in most cases
  • Precise treatment of minor skin irregularities you on a daily basis
  • Rapid treatment time (3-5 seconds)
  • Significant revenue generation
  • Non-invasive
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Effectively treats a wide variety of common minor skin conditions
  • Minimum client discomfort
  • No anesthesia required

How does the Clinical Skin Clear work?

The Clinical Skin Clear works on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat, which is released by various sized probes.

A high frequency, radio wave current is conducted and attracted to the liquids on the skin’s surface, or within the skin irregularity produce heat through its various treatment probes. This technology attracts fluids such: as sebum, cholesterol or blood; drying them out to effectively reduce or remove the skin irregularity.

Treatments are very quick (some within a minute), and some may not even touch the skin’s surface

This technology enables therapists to treat skin abnormalities without penetrating the skin’s surface

Can the Clinical Skin Clear be used in conjunction with a standard skin care treatment or facial?

It is actually generally recommended that the Clinical Skin Clear be used after a skin treatment, when the skin has been cleansed properly

  • It is precisely because the CSC is such an excellent add-on service during standard skin care treatments that the CSC has achieved such widespread popularity amongst skin care practitioners
  • Clients benefit from receiving a desired, value-added additional service and practitioners benefit from increasing revenues, without notably increasing the overall time of a regular treatment session

Can the Clinical Skin Clear be used in conjunction with a microdermabrasion or IPL treatment?

Following a microdermabrasion treatment, minor skin irregularities will become more visible and Clinical Skin Clear treatments can then be performed

What supplies are necessary to re-order?

  • 4 different types of probes, depending on type and size of irregularity treated
  • Probe types: 012, Telangiectasia, Bar, and Tag Probes
  • Probes for single-use only
  • Probes can be reordered

What type of training is involved and is it required?

Training is required and is included with purchase package when it occurs at designated locations

  • Comprehensive practical training session, normally 3-4 hours in duration
  • Practitioners may be responsible for providing their own models for training session
  • Official training certificate granted, upon training completion

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