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The fear of a mole removal scar can be a big obstacle in the way of getting moles removed. However, what most people don’t know is that a mole removal scar can be prevented or minimised at least if the right steps are taken before you start removing a mole.

4 factors affecting Lesion Removal Scarring


1. Method of removal. A big factor in whether or not you end up with a mole removal scar is what technique you use to remove the mole. Anything that traumatizes the skin has the potential to leave a scar. Some devices can excessively heat up skin surrounding the mole, leaving a scar. Surgery or surgeons can leave behind scars

2. Technique. Clinician’s technique or bad eye sight also plays a part in traumatising the skin to the degree that it is no longer is able to repair itself. Some scars heal so well that they're barely noticeable. These might be the scars that refer to as a "no scar" type of mole removal.

3. Protection. Protect the skin surrounding the mole to avoid a mole removal scar. How you do it? This can be easily avoided by applying medicated powder and keeping it dry for 3 days after the treatments. This is followed by usage of skin care suggested by your therapist.

4. After care. Keep dry with medicated powder for three days. Use epidermal growth factor serum for three weeks daily, starting day 4-5.

  • Do not pick at the scab, it’ll fall off on its own.
  • Do not pick on new skin in the area of mole removal either, let it mature and become resilient to the environment. As the area of skin heals, it may look pink compared to the surrounding skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure after you remove a mole. Sun is very damaging to your skin and can intensify a mole removal scar.
  • You should keep the area covered when outdoors for at least the first 2 months. This can be with a bandage or with a high SPF sunscreen

Why to choose Mole Removal Melbourne clinic?

  • Technique and equipment. Melbourne mole clinic uses a combination of high frequency and radiofrequency ablation technique that leaves less heat than lasers would. The resulting surface depression fills in within a few weeks and the worst scar is usually no worse than an acne scar. In most cases, the scar is almost hard to find, and is a very natural and acceptable result.
  • Experience and Care. Before the procedure we always check and discuss what can make a scar after mole removal more noticeable.
  • Thickness or if it raised
  • Mole size
  • Darker or lighter than the surrounding skin
  • History of abnormal scarring eg keloids

Melbourne clinic mole removal therapists understand these issues and have knowledge, experience and techniques to minimize lesion scars occurrence.

We do NOT recommend removing more than 10 moles at ONCE, particularly on your face.

  1. Our comprehensive After care guide and selection of skin care for after mole removal such as EGF creams  and Medik8 Growth Factor are Melbourne best.


As scars typically take 3-12 months to mature. We recommend waiting at least 2-3 months before review or the next procedure.

IPL skin rejuvenation post operatively can smooth and rejuvenate normal skin around the scar area for better healing properties

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